• HR Indicators

    Data from 208 companies

    Thorough analyses of two key indicators for HR departments – attrition and absenteeism – within a certain organisation and benchmarked against the market. The analyses allow you to quickly verify whether your company actually faces the problem of employees leaving their jobs and avoiding work as compared to the situation at competitive companies.The analyses may become a point of reference, especially when planning to limit undesired job departures and absence.

    The analysis of key KPI contains:

    The analysis of key KPI contains:

    • attrition and absenteeism rate
    • reasons behind absence and absenteeism
    • information about exit interview
    • examples of actions taken against attrition and absenteeism
    • information about absence bonus
    You may browse through the data broken down by:

    You may browse through the data broken down by:

    • management, white collars and blue collars
    • SSC/BPO
    • regions

    It is possible to juxtapose market data with your company data. It is time-saving and allows you to focus on searching for solutions aimed to restrain negative phenomena instead of analysing data – just leave it to us!