• Salary systems

    For over ten years we have helped our Clients to refine their salary systems.

    Don’t overpay

    Pay for what is important

    Pay justly

    Make HR & managers’ job easier

    Save time

    Typical project

      Find out:
    • if you are appropriately spending money for compensation
    • market relevance of your system
    • consistency and motivational effectiveness of adopted solutions
    • risk of pay discrimination
    • strengths and weaknesses of the incentive programme
    • …. and check out our recommendations!
    • Establish objective hierarchy of your positions
    • Arrange the structure
    • Get rid of unnecessary job titles
    • Add those you really need
    • Build transparent career paths
    • See how your business compares with the marketplace
    • Benchmark your business against up-to-date data from over 600 companies
    • Identify overpaid and underpaid
    • Learn of consequences for your budget
    Pay bands and pay scale
    • Group positions according to their market significance and value
    • Define salary ranges for your pay bands
    • Plan what to do with the overpaid and underpaid
    • See simulation for payroll budget
    Salary rise system
    • Systemise the process
    • Relate pay rises to objective factors
    • Level salary disproportions
    • Enhance HR and management’s work

    Coherent, fair, transparent and clear remuneration system is a matter of hygiene, without which any other measures aimed to motivate the employees prove futile.

    Before spending money and investing your time in implementing yet another trendy solution, consider whether it is not worth taking a closer look at the immediate foundations. If so, write, call or stop by for a coffee!