• Salary Surveys

    Information on the region and industry specific pay rates, benefits and planned pay rises, delivered directly by HR departments.
    Four times a year, along with the survey Participants, we develop the largest Salary Survey in Poland!
    22 years of experience, over 1200 companies using the report annually, nearly 400 positions broken down by levels.
    If you are looking for the best Polish job market benchmark, seek no more!

    Benchmark your business against competitors

    Determine underpayment/overpayment

    Plan pay rises

    Manage compensation based on data

    Check out compensation at YOUR COMPANY in YOUR REGION in YOUR INDUSTRY
    Time saving:

    Time saving:

    • ready-made information about underpaid and overpaid employees
    • intuitive data delivery platform
    • intuitive data presentation platform
    • one-off positions' matching
    Accurate, reliable and up-to-date benchmarking against a region and industry:

    Accurate, reliable and up-to-date benchmarking against a region and industry:

    • 1216 Participants
    • nearly 400 positions on various levels, e.g. junior/senior specialist
    • positions' matching suited to domestic reality
    • training with an expert in position mapping
    • updated four times a year
    Full range of information required for planning:

    Full range of information required for planning:

    • base salary
    • variable salary
    • work tools and benefits
    • planned salary rises


    We are aware that time is a limited resource and it is not enough to provide raw data. Therefore, our solutions are a ready-made material designed to help you make the best HR decisions!

    1216 Participants of the Salary Survey manaHR


    Industries and sectors

    • Manufacturing 705 Participants
    • FMCG 119 Participants
    • Automotive 143 Participants
    • Logistics 300 Participants
    • SSC/BPO/IT 55 Participants
    • Energy Industry 69 Participants


    • Legnica Area 36 Participants
    • Wałbrzych Area 29 Participants
    • Wrocław Area 87 Participants
    • Bielsko-Biała Area 41 Participants
    • Tychy Area 29 Participants
    • Gliwice Area 40 Participants
    • Dąbrowa Górnicza Area 46 Participants
    • Grodzisk Mazowiecki Area 89 Participants
    • Northern-Eastern Warszawa province 34 Participants
    • Warszawa Area 70 Participants
    • Tomaszów Mazowiecki Area 26 Participants
    • Łódź Area 57 Participants
    • Tricity Area 42 Participants
    • Skawina - Wieliczka - Niepołomice 23 Participants