• Consulting

    Everyone needs to discuss or confront their solutions and ideas with someone outside their organisation – we can help you with this as well!

    and discussion of existing solutions

    with the Management Board and Social Partner

    Q&A sessions
    for HR and managers

    in auditing remuneration systems

    Would you like to talk?

    If you would like to talk with outside experts, who are objective and have an in-depth overview of the market, look no further! We deal with restructuring, collecting and analysing data on a daily basis. We share our knowledge during meetings with our Clients, by teaching post-graduate courses in Human Resources Management and giving talks during industry conferences. We can help you as well.

    Our fields of expertise:

    Latest HR trends

    Latest incentive scheme trends

    What really motivates (according to research and studies – not myths)

    Market environment backed up by data

    Projections for the immediate future

    Common practices in the area of compensation & benefits

    Ways of talking about HR with the Management Board

    Ways of talking about incentive schemes with Social Partners

    Diagnosing company’s weaknesses

    If you haven’t found what you are looking for on the list above, don’t worry and contact us. We collaborate with Friends who are employed in other companies – they deal with process mapping, marketing, PR, employer branding and recruitment processes optimisation, among other things. Together we are bound to help you!