• Special and investment analyses

    Unique studies addressing special needs of individual Clients – in order to make decisions as quickly and accurately as possible!
    Analyses are based on proprietary Surveys and carefully selected external sources as well as wide experience of our Consultants and network of contacts build over 20 years of our business activity on the domestic market.

    INVESTMENT ANALYSES – comparison of possible locations in terms of:

    INVESTMENT ANALYSES – comparison of possible locations in terms of:

    • Salaries
    • Projected pay rises
    • Unemployment and number of job offers
    • Availability of certain candidates’ profiles
    • Availability of candidates with foreign languages (including analysis of correlation between language fluency level and remuneration)
    • Candidates’ financial expectations
    • Absenteeism and attrition
    • Possible ways of commuting and personnel mobility
    • Vocational schools and universities
    • Local and industry competition
    • Collaboration with local employment agencies


    • Analysis of non-cash benefits
    • Analysis of cash benefits most frequently adopted by production companies: occurrence, usage, best practices, recommendations
    • Analysis of employment in particular organisational units (headcount) and financial efficiency (e.g. number and cost of personnel and payroll service at company as compared to the market)
    • SWOT analysis of organisational changes to be implemented (e.g. night shift)

    If you feel that important decisions need to be supported by hard and independent market data, you are in the right place!

    On a daily basis we work hundreds of companies, collecting, aggregating and synthesising information on multiple aspects of the job market environment in Poland (salaries, HR indicators, best management practices).

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